eHomeTheaterScreen – Weekly Update – 7/16/2011 – TV & Movie Rental Service

eHomeTheaterScreen – Weekly Update – 7/16/2011 – TV & Movie Rental Service

I thought I’d start an update on industry happenings and interesting articles I’ve read over the past week or so. This first update includes some material older than a week ago but in the future it should just cover the most recent week. I will try to publish the update on a certain day but haven’t figured out which day works the best just yet.

For the most part, the update will include news on anything involving Home Theater Screens and any technology that uses a home theater screen.

I’ve recently been introduced to Netflix and the whole world of streaming video. Yes, I know it’s been around for awhile but I never really felt the need for it. I decided to try the Netflix free trial and catch up on some TV shows I never completed (specifically Prison Break). I watched several episodes in one night and liked the experience. There’s so much to watch that sometimes you miss some good television. Netflix (among other services) allows you to catch up or watch a whole series at a much lower cost than buying the seasons one by one.

Since then, I’ve heard that Netflix is increasing their prices for combining services. I’ve only used the streaming service so far and don’t really plan on trying the DVD service so it doesn’t change how I would use their service.

There will probably be a lot of angry customers who might cancel their Netflix accounts since there are a lot of different service options for online streaming and online DVD/Blu-ray rental. Hulu+, Amazon Instant Video*, Redbox, and CinemaNow are just some of the other services you can check out.

*This is an affiliate link so I would make something if you use that link to purchase something from

Enjoy and comment on what you like and don’t like or if you have any questions or suggestions for future updates.

Robb Dahlen

Pico Projector News
Best Selling Pico Projecto Update (July 2011) – ( – 7/7/2011
USPTO Publishes MicroVision Patent Application for Interactive Touch Projection – ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/7/2011
Picopros Gets an Exclusive Look at The NionCom Android Mini-Tablet – ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/11/2011
THINLINE Screens Address the Need for High Performance Portable Projector Screens– ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/12/2011

  • Portable Projectors are becoming more mainstream as we speak so the need for a portable projection screen to display better images is becoming more of a necessity

MicroVision Unveils SHOWWX+ with HDMI Interface – ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/14/2011

Watch & Listen News
RIAA and MPAA Employ a New Tool vs Pirates– ( – Wayde Robson) – 7/11/2011

  • A new agreement between Hollywood studios and Internet service providers is trying to make it difficult for you to download season one of Game of Thrones instead of subscribing to HBO. The Copyright Alert System has been established by a recent alliance between ISPs and Studios that has been christened Center for Copyright Information. The group has been formed ostensibly for the purpose of educating the public about the evils of digital piracy and the value of respecting copyright laws. But the practical application seems to be a carefully crafted systematic method of warning users, then if needed subsequently busting pirates. Does this mean your ISP is out to get you? Yes, pretty much… but let’s take a closer look.

New Netflix Pricing: No Thanks – ( – James K. Wilcox) – 7/13/2011
Nine Netflix Alternatives – ( – Ed Rhee) – 7/13/2011
For Netflix, there’s a way out of this pricing mess – ( Media Maverick Blog – Greg Sandoval) – 7/13/2011
Netflix Imposes 28% Rate Hike on Existing and New Customers – ( – Clint Deboer) – 7/14/2011
Spotify Has Landed in the U.S. and on Onkyo – ( – Rachel Cericola) – 7/14/2011
Growing Pains Ahead for Netflix – ( – Justin Dove) – 7/15/2011

Home Theater News
5 Awesome Home Theater Makeovers– ( – Maxine Giza) – 7/8/2011

  • You won’t believe what these home theater rooms used to look like.

Energy Star Pilots ‘Most Efficient’ Designation – ( – Steven Castle) – 7/15/2011

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