Announcement: The New Xbox Revealed RIGHT NOW

Xbox 360 buttons

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Xbox Revealed is the phrase everyone’s been waiting for! Well, the time is now to find out what will be revealed by Microsoft about the new Xbox 720. You can watch the event on Spike TV at 1:00pm EST or online at multiple places. Just Google Xbox Revealed!

What Will Be Revealed?
Is Xbox 720 the real name for the new Xbox? Or is Xbox Infinity or Xbox Next or NeXbox or boX? We’ll find out the name of it but that’s the least of what people want to know. Price is probably a pretty big one. Will we be talking $500 or more? Is that too much? It won’t be labeled as a gaming device as we’ve seen some amazing technology come to the Xbox 360 including Kinect and SmartGlass among others so we know there will be some exciting new technology coming with X-NEW!!!

Will there be any Home Theater news?
If you haven’t seen it, a technology called IllumiRoom that extends the viewing limits of the HDTV. It uses a projector to display the entertain system and a variety of viewing options including widening the screen to incorporate the whole wall, a snowflake effect and digital effects projected onto your furniture.

That’s pretty cool!

We will keep you updated with what’s been Xbox Revealed! Keep checking back to see some new Xboxing!

If you play Xbox, are you an Xboxer? If you used to box and don’t anymore, you’re an ex-boxer! What if you’re an ex-boxer who plays Xbox? Ex-boxer-XBoxer! That’s too much!

What are you hoping for from the Xbox Reveal?



Voice recognition & Voice command

  • Turn on the Xbox One by saying, “Xbox On”

  • It will go to Home Screen

  • It will remember what you were doing last, what game you were playing, what music you were listening to, what movie you were watching

Trending is a new area and a snapshot of what is popular in the entertainment world both with your friends and with the entire Xbox community.

  • Still browse games, tv & movies and music

Watching TV

  • “Xbox, Watch TV!”

  • Instant Switching

    • Switch between TV, Gaming, Music, Movie and back to watching TV as fast as switching channels on your TV remote


  • Grab – spread arms, close fists, put arms together or vice versa

  • Pan – swipe arm and hand across like turning a page on a book

  • Up – like a pan but using an up motion like opening a window


  • do two things at once

  • a side menu pops up/over decreasing the size of your movie/game

Skype in Snapmode

  • Talk on Skype in the upper right corner of your TV

ESPN Fantasy Stats

  • Get your fantasy stats instantly on your screen

Xbox One Guide

  • Find, discover and watch TV in three powerful ways

    • Voice Control, Search & Navigation

    • Favorites

    • Trending

What powers the new Xbox

Console & revolutionary Xbox One architecture

  • From 500 million transistors & 512 MB of RAM in the Xbox 360 to over 5 billion transistors & 8 GB of RAM in Xbox One
  • USB 3.0, WiFi Direct, Blu-ray Drive, native 64-bit architecture and variable power states
  • Engineered to deliver now and well into the future

Kinect, the Controller & SmartGlass

  • Puts you at the center of your entertainment
  • Responds to you, your voice and your gestures
  • supports the entire family
  • SmartGlass
  • Your device will behave like it’s born to work with the Xbox One

Xbox Live reinvented by the power of the Cloud

  • In 2002, it was powered by 500 servers
  • Now more than 300,000 servers for the Xbox One
  • Access your entertainment anytime, anywhere
  • A Dedicated DVR to capture and access your magic moments and save them to the crowd
  • Achievements will be dynamic and changing telling how you play, not just what you’ve done
  • Bigger matches with more players

EA SPORTS – FIFA, NBA Live, Madden & UFC

IGNITE Engine Trailer

IGNITE engine – “EA Sports Ignite is designed specifically to help us blur the line between the real and the virtual,”

Human Intelligence Trailer

  • Fueled by EA SPORTS IGNITE, athletes will finally be alive from the neck up.
  • Players in EA SPORTS games will feature human-like intelligence, contextual awareness and instincts.
  • Players will think and analyze the action, anticipating and reacting to what’s occurring around them.
  • The Intelligence system of the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine delivers four times as many calculations per second than previously possible.

True Player Motion Trailer 

  • With ten times greater animation fidelity driving the new locomotion system, EA SPORTS IGNITE recreates dynamic movements and real-world biomechanics.
  • True athleticism is now possible, with players able to accelerate, plant, pivot and cut with the agility and explosiveness of professional athletes.

Living Worlds Trailer

  • The atmospheres will not only look real, but they will feel real.
  • EA SPORTS IGNITE delivers environments that are alive with stunning visual accuracy, as ever-changing as real-world stadiums that evolve throughout a match.
  • For the first time, 3D crowds and dynamic sidelines have emotions and intelligence, reacting to how the match unfolds.
  • No two plays and no two games will ever be the same.


Games coming to Xbox One
Assassin’s Creed 4 – Black Flag
Forza Motorsport 5 – Available at launch
Quantum Break – by Remedy studios

Microsoft has more titles in development now than in any other time in history

  • 15 exclusives – 8 Brand New franchises

  • Halo live action TV series coming to Xbox One by Steven Spielberg


Live Sports

  • NFL Game Changing experience

    • Exclusive Content

    • Live broadcast with fantasy league stats


Call of Duty Ghosts

  • All Call of Duty: Ghosts Downloadable content will launch exclusively on XBOX ONE

  • Stephen Gaghan – Writer of Traffic & Syriana (also Director)

  • A new dog? YESSSS!!! WTF? Sniffs out explosives, protects the team


More information and content to come in 19 days at E3!!!

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4d Home Theater: The Next Big Thing?

This is interesting but how many people are going to want to pay an extra #8 to “feel” a movie?

4D Home Theater: The Next Big Thing?

Up to 200 U.S. theaters will be getting motion seats, water, mist, bubbles, air, fans, strobe lights and odors as part of “4D” technology. Will this make it to home theater?

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Home Theater Screens Explained: Picking the Right Gain

A very important part of setting up your home theater explained in this article from Electronic House magazine

Home Theater Screens Explained: Picking the Right Gain

via Electronic House Recently Filed on 8/29/11

The screen material is just as important a selection as your projector.

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eHomeTheaterScreen – Weekly Update – 7/16/2011 – TV & Movie Rental Service

I thought I’d start an update on industry happenings and interesting articles I’ve read over the past week or so. This first update includes some material older than a week ago but in the future it should just cover the most recent week. I will try to publish the update on a certain day but haven’t figured out which day works the best just yet.

For the most part, the update will include news on anything involving Home Theater Screens and any technology that uses a home theater screen.

I’ve recently been introduced to Netflix and the whole world of streaming video. Yes, I know it’s been around for awhile but I never really felt the need for it. I decided to try the Netflix free trial and catch up on some TV shows I never completed (specifically Prison Break). I watched several episodes in one night and liked the experience. There’s so much to watch that sometimes you miss some good television. Netflix (among other services) allows you to catch up or watch a whole series at a much lower cost than buying the seasons one by one.

Since then, I’ve heard that Netflix is increasing their prices for combining services. I’ve only used the streaming service so far and don’t really plan on trying the DVD service so it doesn’t change how I would use their service.

There will probably be a lot of angry customers who might cancel their Netflix accounts since there are a lot of different service options for online streaming and online DVD/Blu-ray rental. Hulu+, Amazon Instant Video*, Redbox, and CinemaNow are just some of the other services you can check out.

*This is an affiliate link so I would make something if you use that link to purchase something from

Enjoy and comment on what you like and don’t like or if you have any questions or suggestions for future updates.

Robb Dahlen

Pico Projector News
Best Selling Pico Projecto Update (July 2011) – ( – 7/7/2011
USPTO Publishes MicroVision Patent Application for Interactive Touch Projection – ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/7/2011
Picopros Gets an Exclusive Look at The NionCom Android Mini-Tablet – ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/11/2011
THINLINE Screens Address the Need for High Performance Portable Projector Screens– ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/12/2011

  • Portable Projectors are becoming more mainstream as we speak so the need for a portable projection screen to display better images is becoming more of a necessity

MicroVision Unveils SHOWWX+ with HDMI Interface – ( – Paul Marganski) – 7/14/2011

Watch & Listen News
RIAA and MPAA Employ a New Tool vs Pirates– ( – Wayde Robson) – 7/11/2011

  • A new agreement between Hollywood studios and Internet service providers is trying to make it difficult for you to download season one of Game of Thrones instead of subscribing to HBO. The Copyright Alert System has been established by a recent alliance between ISPs and Studios that has been christened Center for Copyright Information. The group has been formed ostensibly for the purpose of educating the public about the evils of digital piracy and the value of respecting copyright laws. But the practical application seems to be a carefully crafted systematic method of warning users, then if needed subsequently busting pirates. Does this mean your ISP is out to get you? Yes, pretty much… but let’s take a closer look.

New Netflix Pricing: No Thanks – ( – James K. Wilcox) – 7/13/2011
Nine Netflix Alternatives – ( – Ed Rhee) – 7/13/2011
For Netflix, there’s a way out of this pricing mess – ( Media Maverick Blog – Greg Sandoval) – 7/13/2011
Netflix Imposes 28% Rate Hike on Existing and New Customers – ( – Clint Deboer) – 7/14/2011
Spotify Has Landed in the U.S. and on Onkyo – ( – Rachel Cericola) – 7/14/2011
Growing Pains Ahead for Netflix – ( – Justin Dove) – 7/15/2011

Home Theater News
5 Awesome Home Theater Makeovers– ( – Maxine Giza) – 7/8/2011

  • You won’t believe what these home theater rooms used to look like.

Energy Star Pilots ‘Most Efficient’ Designation – ( – Steven Castle) – 7/15/2011

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10 Awesome Home Theaters

Like the title says, these are AWESOME! I’m scared to know how much any of these cost to build!

via ForeverGeek by Robin Parrish on 6/5/11

Is there any more decadent or geekier-than-thou way of expressing your superiority than by constructing your very own themed cinema at home? These ten home theaters are so over the top, they’ve obliterated the top.

And you know you want one.


This one’s just a concept for now, but it’s available made-to-order. [by Elite Home Theater Seating]

Death Star (Star Wars)

[by Definitive Audio]

The Enterprise (Star Trek)

Click on the image to zoom in and get the full effect. [by Gary Reighn]

The Enterprise-D #1 (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

I suppose it’s only natural that there would be so many Star Trek home theaters. The bridge of the Enterprise is shaped like a theater, after all. [by Electronics Systems Consultants]

The Enterprise-D #2 (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Probably best captures the look and feel of the Next Gen‘s flagship. [by Acoustic Innovations]

The Matrix

I’m not sure I see the resemblance, though it’s said to include lots of design elements “inspired by” The Matrix. Personally, I would have gone with the bridge of the Nebuchadnezzar, but that’s just me. [by RPG Diffusor Systems]

Nautilus (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

[by Dillon Works]

Pirate Ship

[by Elite Home Theater Seating]

Stargate Atlantis

Sorry Stargate fans, but I had no idea anybody loved the show that much. [by Visual Concepts]


[by Cinema at Home]

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